At Lexvoco Pty Ltd (we/us/our), we want to have the best possible relationships with our clients, staff and suppliers.  To achieve this, there are certain matters that we would like to make clear.

Intellectual property

Some of our materials are copyright.  "Lexvoco", "Lexvoco: law on call" and some of our logos are registered trademarks, owned by us.

The solicitor-client relationship and privilege

By providing information to us via our website (e.g. Create a Brief) or any other means, before we agree to represent or help you, a client is not establishing a solicitor-client relationship and the information clients provide may not be privileged.  We will keep the information confidential but it may not be protected from further disclosure if required by law.

Liability and disclaimer

Some of our lawyers are selected, managed, directed and supervised by our clients, and we are not privy to their work or advice on a daily basis.  As such, we are not responsible for their output or advice.  Unless our staff intentionally cause harm or commit a crime, clients agree to be responsible if our staff are negligent and release us from any and all claims in connection with their placement with the client.

If we are engaged by a client as a law firm in the ordinary sense of outsourcing legal advice, we'll have in place a standard client agreement according to the various regulatory body requirements.  The above disclaimer will not apply in this instance.  Our liability is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Services Legislation.


We are not responsible for any loss or damage from the use or misuse of our website.  If there are any third party links on our website, we are not responsible for those third party sites.  This site was created and designed by us and is copyright.


Emails and enclosures we send are confidential, may contain legally privileged information and are intended solely for the named addressee(s).  If someone receives an email from us in error, please tell us and delete all copies of it from your computer network.  Any unauthorised review, use, disclosure, copying, distribution or publication of our emails and enclosures is prohibited.

We don't guarantee that our emails are free from viruses or other defects.  Recipients are responsible to check for viruses and defects and we disclaim any liability for loss and damage resulting from our emails.

Questions or complaints

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please call us.