lexvoco arrives in WA on a mission to help in-house lawyers be more agile

NewLaw firm lexvoco has officially expanded its Australasian offering to Perth with a focus on legal operations, secondments and technology to help WA in-house legal teams become more innovative and agile. lexvoco’s WA offering is co-led by Naomi Hutchings and Camilla Kraj-Krajewski. Naomi was previously Managing Counsel for BHP and Camilla was previously in-house at the Pilbara Ports Authority and led a team of advisors at Rio Tinto Iron Ore.

lexvoco’s focus on innovation, Lean Six Sigma for lawyers, simplification, automation and agility is particularly apt in the WA energy and resources market which is facing a digital revolution[1].

“I know from my own personal experience working in-house how much the WA market needs lexvoco’s offering.  The pressure to be more agile and develop more streamlined ways of working is ongoing. I believe lexvoco is the only law firm in WA bringing this level of expertise to in-house legal teams,” said Camilla Kraj-Krajewski.

Sheldon Renkema, Wesfarmers General Manager – Legal said: “It’s great to see that there’s more interest from firms and new entrants such as lexvoco in helping in-house lawyers with their common challenges. Legal operations is certainly topical overseas and is gathering momentum in Australia. I’ve recently led the CLOC initiative in WA which brings together in-house counsel from a range of organisations who have an interest in learning from each other’s experiences to improve their operational capabilities. There is much more to being a great in-house lawyer than technical legal skills and, now with input from organisations such as CLOC, ACC and lexvoco, in-house lawyers in WA can learn more about performance improvement and improving their value to clients.”

lexvoco’s experienced in-house lawyers know first-hand the challenges in-house teams face and are able to use this insight to more quickly understand the problem or fulfil the brief.  The legal operations team are lawyers trained in Lean Six Sigma and the legal technology team consists of lawyers who are developers as well.

“I was attracted to lexvoco because it considers the wider organisational dynamics and aims to uncover and address the root causes of overcapacity, not just throw people at the problem,” said Naomi Hutchings.

“If short term hands on help is needed, then there is no better firm to work with than lexvoco because every lawyer at lexvoco comes with in-house experience and has deep expertise in the industries they’ve come from,” said Naomi.

In the “hands on help” space, lexvoco’s dedicated law firm division can respond to work that may have normally been briefed to traditional firms. However, unlike traditional law firms, lexvoco’s experienced in-house lawyers behave more like an extension of the in-house legal team rather than a detached external firm.  Their expertise includes: energy, resources and mining; banking and finance; sports, entertainment and media; Australia Consumer Law and intellectual property; privacy; risk and compliance; general commercial law; disputes; mergers and acquisitions; and capital raisings.

The other form of “hands on help” lexvoco can provide is secondments.  Unlike other secondment organisations in Australasia, 100% of lexvoco secondees come with in-house experience.

lexvoco also has established offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington.  It recently won the Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow Award and was a Finalist in the prestigious 2018 Telstra Business Awards.

[1] http://waminingclub.asn.au/tracking-the-trends-2018/