More and more we are seeing Junior Lawyers prioritize core values over big law names when deciding on an application, and here are some reasons why.

We asked one of our junior lawyers, David, to provide some insight into what it is like working for lexvoco as a junior lawyer. Here's what he had to say....

What's it like to work with lexvoco? 


Working with lexvoco so far has been a very rewarding experience, both from career and personal perspectives.  I joined lexvoco early on in the piece in 2015,  when it was just starting out in the Melbourne office.  Since joining lexvoco I have been on a couple of long term secondments with two high profile companies, one in the construction industry and the other in the oil and gas industry.  What impressed me about lexvoco with both opportunities was that there was no pressure to work with any particular client, and it was completely my choice to join both of those companies. In considering each of those opportunities, lexvoco was able to give me some great insights into developing my career and potential career paths and was helpful in giving me all the information I felt I needed before taking the next steps.  From a career perspective, I have gained some invaluable experience and knowledge from working across the two industries.  From a personal perspective, I've made some great personal relationships with the people at lexvoco. They have been great to work with, as they genuinely care about their people and what you do, and what you want to achieve.


What sort of work do you do?


As an in house lawyer, you tend to be involved with anything 'legal',  which could mean being involved in contract negotiations, advising on disputes, reviewing marketing materials, legal training, and employment matters.   Whilst I have a particular interest in project related work, as an in house lawyer, and depending on the size and structure of the team, there really is no end to what sort of work you could potentially be involved with.   


What's it like going in secondment?


It can be a little daunting going into a new secondment in an area or role that you might not necessarily be completely familiar with.  It can also be an  overwhelming experience as depending on the size of the company, and legal team, you are likely to meet a lot of new people and personalities.  I have been lucky in that the teams I have been seconded into have been very welcoming, and that always plays a part in helping you ease into a new role.  For the most part, a secondment becomes available as there is a need for additional resources.  That being the case, people are usually pretty happy to welcome a new secondee as you are there to help with the workload! In terms of being seconded into a new area, you are for the most part, matched in terms of your experience, with what the client is looking for.  That being said, you are not expected to know everything, and the good thing is that lexvoco has a core team with a range of experience and expertise, any of which can be called on to provide support or a good sounding board if you are unsure.