It's important for us to use our legal and commerce skills to help charities and NFPs.  Our team thoroughly enjoy advising organisations that they care about.  Our first Pro Bono Partner was Step Back Think and we also provide legals for the multi-award winning, Mate Check - see below.

step back think

In a bid to step up the fight against social violence, we're delighted to partner with Step Back Think - the not-for-profit dedicated to eradicating social violence.

We provide pro-bono legal services to Step Back Think across all commercial, corporate and governance matters – from protection of their intellectual property, to fund raising initiatives and commercial agreements.

Step Back Think was formed following the horrific injuries sustained by James Macready-Bryan in 2006 on his 20th birthday. A single punch caused him catastrophic brain damage from which he will never recover; taking away his ability to eat, drink, communicate and move without the assistance of others.

Our team is thrilled to be partnering with such a noble and worthy cause. In being Step Back Think’s honorary legal provider, we hope to assist them in becoming an even more powerful voice in the community.

Commentating on the new partnership, Step Back Think’s CEO Anna O’Halloran said “The partnership with lexvoco will support us in becoming a more prominent voice in the community and will help us continue our important work with schools, sporting clubs and the community at large.”

To learn how you can support Step Back Think visit:

Anthony Wright (Principal), Anna O'Halloran (CEO of Step Back Think) and Emily McCarthy (HR Manager)

mate check

Mate Check ( is the leading mental health and well being monitoring solution.  It's designed to provide real time data analytics to work mates and workplaces regarding their team members health and well being.  Mate Check's technology and approach has remarkably changed the propensity for people to share how they are feeling and, conversely, what employers, colleagues and health professionals can do with the information to help prevent stress, anxiety and depression.

We are delighted to be Mate Check's honorary law firm.  We provide Mate Check with a variety of support from commercial contracts to privacy and health regulation compliance.