We’re always looking for ways to use technology to improve legal services delivery and the well being of lawyers. 


Technology is often seen as the solution.  But, in the majority of cases, buying or using technology to fix a process that's already broken or ineffective, will cause far more problems.  Technology should be part of an organisation's legal solution - not the crux of it.  As Bill Gates said, The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.  The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

A tech solution is the combination of operational analysis and process improvement with effective use of existing or acquired software.  There is no one size that fits all.

WHAT we do

We help legal teams identify whether their current technology is being used well and/or if they need new technology.  By providing interlocking services with technology providers, we've become a leading management consultancy, law firm and technology vendor all in one, offering an integrated end-to-end solution to assist automate and optimise in-house legal workflows, processes and documentation.

We design, build, assist in the implementation and management of software that allows:

  • document and contract automation, and management
  • process/workflow automation like lexvoco TriageTM created on various AI platforms including ThinkSmart and Neota Logic
  • matter and practice management
  • collaboration and delegation
  • e-signatures
  • e-billing
  • bid and tender management
  • e-discovery
  • real time data collection and performance tracking like lexvoco MyDayTM

We work with vendors such as ThinkSmart, Neota Logic, Office 365, SharePoint, Matter Center and Axiom IT

See below for more information on lexvoco MyDayTM, lexvoco TriageTM and ThinkSmart.

Expert Systems

No - an expert system isn’t a legal robot (well, at least not yet).  An expert system is software which mimics the decision-making ability of a human expert and is a form of artificial intelligence.  An expert system can make decisions from a knowledge base (such as database of case law or organisational data in an ERP or CRM), using an inference engine (if/then logic) or combination of both.

Whilst this may sound complicated, expert systems can help in-house teams every day on both a professional and operation level.

In addition to customised technology, we build our own applications using expert systems.

why are we ok at this?

The main reason is that we're genuinely passionate about the law, legal processes and helping lawyers and customers improve their legals.  


We're also uniquely placed because we've got the right people to design, build and maintain legal technology.  Heading our tech team is Claire Vines who, before becoming a tech lawyer, worked for the likes of IBM and Dell.  Claire's a top ICT & IP lawyer but is a techie who just loves it.  Claire works hard coaching our clients and lawyers about systems thinking and design.