We’re always looking for ways to use technology to improve legals and the well-being of lawyers. 

Technology is often seen as the solution.  But, using technology to fix a process that's already broken or ineffective, will cause far more problems.  Technology should be part of an organisation's legal solution - not the crux of it.  And, there's no one size that fits all.

WHAT we do

Firstly, we identify whether clients' current technology is being optimally used or if new technology is needed.  Then, we design, build, implement and manage of software that allows:

  • document and contract automation, and management
  • workflow automation like TriageTM created on various AI platforms
  • matter management
  • collaboration and delegation
  • e-signatures
  • e-billing
  • bid and tender management
  • e-discovery
  • real time data capture and analytics: MyDayTM

why us

The main reason: we're genuinely passionate about the law, legal processes and helping improve legals.  


We're also uniquely placed because we've got the right people who are both technologists and lawyers.  Heading our tech team is Claire Vines who, before becoming a lawyer, worked for the likes of IBM and Dell.  Claire's a top technology & IP lawyer but is a techie who just loves it.