As part of our mission to help organisations achieve better outcomes from legal, we provide coaching and facilitate workshops, specifically for in-house legal teams.

There are many great law firms who educate clients about the law, and we can't do a better job of that.  So, we focus on practical, functional coaching and workshops that aim to help in-house counsel with efficiency, speed, strategy, reliabilitymanagement, leadership and value

Most of our workshops and coaching sessions will count to annual CLE/CPD requirements as well. 

recent examples

  1. Simplifying Legals Using Lean and Agile Theory

  2. Identifying Waste and Inefficiency in Common Legal Processes and In-House Teams

  3. Getting (the Right) Things Done ... For In-House Counsel

  4. Productivity and Efficiency Tips for In-House Lawyers

  5. The Benefits and Traps of Unbundling and Segmenting Larger Legal Matters (eg, M&A, litigation, regulatory responses)

  6. Project Management 101 for Lawyers

  7. Securing the Best Value from External Counsel: RFPs, RFTs, Live Auctions, SLAs, KPIs

  8. What’s the “Most Important” Work and How to Focus on It

  9. Managing Internal Client Demand

  10. Developing Legal Team KPIs and making data useful 

  11. Developing Legal Team Strategic Plans

  12. Revenue and Cash Flow Ideas for Legal - it’s not just cost saving and risk mitigation

  13. Improving the Usability of Outside Counsel Work

  14. Just In Time Legal and Compliance Support

  15. Contract/Document Automation Technologies

  16. Technology Magnifies Poor Processes

  17. Re-imagining Contract Reviews for Internal Clients

  18. The Performance Transformation 

  19. Learning How To Map Legal Processes and Workflows

  20. Building Apps and Artificial Intelligence Systems - Machine Learning

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For lexvoco clients, we provide complimentary workshops and coaching sessions.  For others, we're happy to discuss your objectives and send you a proposal.  Contact our Melbourne HQ on 03 9251 9911 or email us.