• How does the process work?

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  • Where is the work done?

    Predominantly in the client's office unless there is insufficient space or our people are not needed in person. 

  • How is it costed?

    Daily or hourly rates are most common.  For projects or teams, we'll provide a proposal. 

    Because our people are our employees, we take care of their total employment costs – wages plus superannuation, payroll tax, insurances, incentives, leave, loadings, and professional memberships, training and certification etc.

  • What about the quality of lexvoco team members?

    We're legal recruitment experts.  Just like your business, our success hinges on the quality of our people and many apply to work with us so we've developed a strict hiring process. 

    • Pre-Q: experience from a top firm and/or in-house team.
    • Interview 1: technical and client satisfaction skills.
    • Interview 2: EQ, beliefs, culture and fit.
    • Practical testing: specific tests analysing quality from a legal and client perspective.
    • References
    • Psych testing for senior people.    
  • What Practising Certificate is required?

    Our lawyers will have an unrestricted/sole Practising Certificate, which permits them to advise client's clients, or some clients prefer our lawyers to obtain their Practising Certificate as a "worker" at that firm.  

  • Who engages who?

    Our people are our employees.  We have an agreement with clients to ensure our team performs.   

  • What about confidentiality and conflicts?

    Our team are bound by numerous legal obligations.  Firstly, they have their duty to the court to maintain confidentiality, no conflicts and privilege.  This is also reflected in various Legal Profession Acts.  We also have this explicitly addressed in a Legal Profession Obligations Agreement, their Employment Agreement and our Staff Handbook.  In any event, at no time does anyone from lexvoco HQ ask for or have access to such information.  If clients want more certainty, we'll facilitate a separate Confidentiality Agreement with our team member.    

  • What about soliciting clients?

    This is prohibited by our Employment Agreement and Staff Handbook, and those documents expressly permit clients to have the benefit of this non-compete and non-solicitation.

    Similarly, our standard form client agreement contains a non-compete and non-solicitation. 

  • What if the scope of work or the timeframe changes?

    Flexibility is key to our model.  Just tell us and we'll re-scope, and work with our people to make sure clients get what they need. 

  • What if a client is unhappy with the arrangement?

    We'll do our best to understand why and fix it, or there'll be no charge.

  • Can clients interview lexvoco team members?

    Yes but most of our clients don't because our people are our employees and our hiring process is rigorous.  This saves clients time and resources.

  • McInnes Wilson Lawyers


    McInnes Wilson Lawyers is a full service firm founded in Queensland with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  


    Our partnership with McInnes Wilson Lawyers is a key benefit for our team, which enable us to better help our clients.

    A key proposition to our team is providing avenues to great workplaces: great companies, great law firms and at lexvoco.  McInnes Wilson Lawyers provides another avenue for our team to quality legal work and support. 

    what not?

    At no time does lexvoco, and especially not McInnes Wilson Lawyers, see anything that is completed by our team whilst they are working with clients.  Likewise, our team are not privy to anything of a similar nature relating to McInnes Wilson Lawyers' clients.