1. 19 Jul

    Changes taking place in the in-house legal sector

    A report from the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia has analysed the significant shifts taking place in the in-house legal sector. Tanya Khan, vice president and managing director Asia- Pacific for the ACC, told laywers weekly she had four key...

  2. 13 Jun

    What it's like working for lexvoco: Junior Lawyer

    ​More and more we are seeing Junior Lawyers prioritize core values over big law names when deciding on an application, and here are some reasons why. We asked one of our junior lawyers, David, to provide some insight into what it is like working for...

  3. 22 May

    A must attend seminar for in-house counsel in Sydney

    It's that time of year again! Following the success of last year's inaugural event which featured General Counsel and Senior Executives from the National Rugby League, QBE, AON, the ACCC, PwC, and His Honor Justice Geoffrey Bellew, lexvoco's...

  4. 15 May

    lexvoco's Melbourne office continues to grow..

    lexvoco is excited to have the newest edition to our Melbourne office on board! Meet our new team member: Ellen Connor Ellen is our new Commercial Manager. With over 13 years of technical experience in corporate accounting, taxation, finance and strategic...

  5. 01 Aug

    lexvoco's August Update

    See what's been happening with lexvoco's clients and team-members in the last few months. Busy, busy but all good. See the Update here.

  6. 09 Jun

    Sydney In-House Seminar goes "boom"

    lexvoco and McInnes Wilson Lawyers were thrilled with yesterday's inaugural Sydney In-House Counsel Symposium. Attended by more than 100 of Sydney's leading in-house lawyers, the day kicked off, Rugby League style, with Eleni North (the NRL's...

  7. 07 Apr

    Changes to the ACL: A practical checklist for you

    We created an easy to use and printable checklist to ensure your contracts comply with upcoming changes to Australian Consumer Laws. Access the checklist here. If you are still unsure - get in contact with us or with our consumer law expert, Nat Parbhu on...

  8. 02 Feb

    More staff and clients join lexvoco ... chicken or egg

    We're very excited to welcome two senior in-house ICT lawyers to the fold. We're equally excited that they're already impressing two big new clients. See Hard core in-house ICT skills for more info.

  9. 15 Jan

    New entrants send legal market into disarray

    See the Lawyers Weekly article here under the "Lawyers Weekly: New entrants send legal market into disarray" tab .

  10. 23 Jun

    lexvoco gets a mention in the AFR

    A recent Financial Review article exploring how companies want lawyers to kill the billable hour mentions lexvoco as one of the Aussie start ups getting on board with change, technology and innovation! One of the critical messages from the report was the...

  11. 02 Mar

    lexvoco's Anil Sharma acting on a $20M+ sponsorship deal

    Recently, Anil Sharma from lexvoco's Sydney office has acted for one of Australia's largest entertainment and technology companies who have entered into a long term sponsorship partnership with a major sporting rights holder. Anil brings more than...

  12. 21 Dec

    The Art of Communicating for Legal

    See the Australasian Lawyers article here under the "Australasian Lawyer: Opinion - The Art of Communicating for Legal" tab.

  13. 12 Dec

    Australian Financial Review mentions lexvoco

    We've been working on a few tech solutions this year, some of which are now being tested by clients. Shortly, we'll be ready to go live. They'll save in-house legal teams time, money and headaches. See the AFR article here under the...

  14. 02 Dec

    lexvoco partners with Step Back Think

    Today lexvoco are pleased to announce our partnership with not for profit organisation, Step Back Think. Step Back Think was founded in 2006, after James Macready-Bryan, 20, sustained life-long brain damage after being punched. Read more about our...

  15. 16 Oct

    The "Hayne Plane" reminder to protect and monetise IP

    Marketers predict that Jarryd Hayne could earn $12M from sponsors in the next 3 years in the NFL. What's different about Jarryd Hayne is, this won't just come from the usual product endorsements and promoting brands on his clothes. He's...

  16. 29 Sep

    The Devil is in the Detail

    You may have always thought that the saying, "the devil is in the detail" had one meaning, but in fact it has two, with both of them particularly relevant for lawyers. Pedantic perfectionism is a trait that makes lawyers effective at their jobs,...

  17. 23 Jul

    Is your data protected?

    New data and privacy laws are causing many headaches. The stakes are high where organisations with >$3M annual turnover (APP Organisations) can face fines up to $1.6M. Businesses can't afford to make mistakes and end up on the front-page. In this...

  18. 23 Jul

    It's easier said than done … managing clients' expectations

    I recently moved back in-house and have quickly realised that one of the key challenges is trying to keep everyone happy - peers, my boss and internal clients - all with short and in some unrealistic deadlines. So, I am learning (more than just the...

  19. 17 Jul

    lexvoco to present at Australasian Legal Innovators Conference - July 2015

    Anthony Wright, lexvoco Principal is set to present at the Australasian Legal Innovators Conference on 30 July 2015. The conference will focus on innovation within the legal industry - from NewLaw, to BigLaw, tech-based firms in Australia and across Asia....

  20. 22 Jun

    1 in 2 businesses don't comply with the new privacy laws – do you?

    The hot new privacy laws have been in effect for over a year, yet a recent regulatory enquiry of the top 20 visited websites in Australia revealed more than 50% haven’t exactly complied. Recap The privacy law changes govern the collection, use,...

  21. 22 Jun

    Writing clearly: Lawyer's Communication 101

    If you’ve read a US contract, no doubt you’ve been frustrated by how hard it is to decipher. Do you read (or do remember reading) judgments, trying to quickly find the key points, but it’s not easy. Why? Sentences that are paragraphs,...

  22. 11 May

    What questions can I ask potential employees?

    If you use online application forms for prospective employees who apply to work for your company, you should be aware of what you can and cannot ask. It’s common practice for employers to use ‘online application forms’ when advertising...

  23. 20 Mar

    Can I bad mouth someone on social media?

    20 March 2015 Sure you can, it happens all the time but just ask the former PayPal director of global strategy about the consequences after he insulted his colleague on Twitter. He departed and she could easily have brought a claim for defamation and...

  24. 20 Mar

    New Franchising Code – what it means for franchisors

    10 March 2015 The 1 January 2015 changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct have significant ramifications. The main changes concern: Disputes and exclusions New sections of the Code relating to the appropriate jurisdiction for dispute hearings and costs...

  25. 16 Mar

    It’s a bad feeling when a good team member resigns...

    26 February 2015 It’s a bad feeling when a good team member resigns and you hadn’t seen it coming. In a profession that has a reputation for unhappy, burnt out staff, how do you keep your team motivated and engaged, but still churn through the...

  26. 19 Dec

    FoFA changes burden legal teams

    Financial Services (22 December 2014) The financial services industry will revert to pre-July 2014 FoFA laws after the proposed amendments, which the Government says would have reduced red tape and costs, did not pass the Senate last month (Nov 2014). The...

  27. 29 Nov

    10 ideas for your team in January

    At our recent In-House Legal Operations Masterclass, one of Australia's leading fintech entrepreneurs and CEOs said a key attribute of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to "get sh*t done". ... but this isn't a problem for most...

  28. 15 Aug

    Announced as finalist -APAC Legal Innovation Index

    We are thrilled to announce that lexvoco has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 APAC legal innovation Index which seeks to recognise the most innovative firms and legal professionals in Australia and New Zealand that have delivered unique solutions...

  29. 10 Aug

    Artificial Intelligence in NewLaw

    Our Head of Technology Claire Vines talks Artificial Intelligence and how it is currently impacting the business of Law for Asia Law Portal. Check it out for an interesting read:...

  30. 28 Sep

    How NewLaw is harnessing AI

    In the race to AI, NewLaw firms are sprinting out of the blocks Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) – also known as NewLaw firms – have always at the forefront of disruption in the industry. It’s not a surprise, then, that...

  31. 28 Aug

    Innovative Lawyers

    When L'Oreal's lead lawyer in Australia Anna Lozynski worked at a top-tier firm a decade ago, a dictaphone-obsessed partner in a nearby office kept his Blackberry in the bottom drawer and thought emails were a "fad" that would disappear....

  32. 12 Apr

    Junior Insights

    One of our Juniors Alex Smith sheds some light on what working for lexvoco as a law student is like and what the opportunity to work for a major government business has done for her future legal career. "As a law student, every bit of exposure to...

  33. 31 Jan

    Lean Six Sigma course for in-house in Melbourne!

    Register your interest by emailing us!

  34. 01 Sep

    lexvoco announced Winners -Legal Innovation Index!

    Lexvoco ‘MyDay’ Wins Place on 2017 Legal Innovation Index SYDNEY, 31 August 2017 – lexvoco has won a place on the distinguished 2017 Legal Innovation Index announced by LexisNexis® and Janders Dean, in recognition of the creation of...

  35. 26 Mar

    lexvoco Principal Anthony Wright gets candid!

    Ed Andrew, founder of The Human Consultancy talks to our very own lexvoco principal Anthony Wright in his latest podcast! The episode is aimed squarely at lawyers and law students considering how to make the most of their career and which paths to take,...

  36. 09 Aug

    Melbourne In-House Legal Operations Masterclass!

    Our In-House Legal Operations Masterclass is coming up and tickets are now available! This year is set to be one of our best with some awesome speakers and content if we do say so ourselves. To check out what we have in store for you and to register visit...

  37. 03 Oct

    Simplicity in Legal Communication

    I recently read a great article by a former colleague of mine (nice work Josie!) about communication and user experience. Although the article has nothing to do with the law, the general themes are equally relevant to legal communication and a useful...

  38. 17 Oct

    Success for in-house Masterclass in Melbourne!

    On October 10 over 100 of Melbourne's in-house counsel gathered for a unique learning experience at our masterclass dedicated to in-house lawyers at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Our speakers covered thought- provoking &...