Broadly, there are two types of people that we'd like to work with.

People with solid in-house and law firm experience, great networks and looking for a long term career in an alternative firm. We're always looking to add permanent members to our team. You’ll have a desire to succeed, like problem solving, have an ability to bring work with you or develop it, and a sense of fun and humour. You still like (or even maybe love) doing legal work some to most of the time.

Those who enjoy flexibility, room to move and options. We’re looking for parents, the semi-retired (but not quite ready to give it all up), those who want part-time or the ability to job share. Maybe you are starting your own practice or business, but would like the security of other income? You want to focus, do your job (hopefully it is interesting most times), and get paid well.

We value the depth and breadth of legal and life experience our lawyers bring to the team. It’s why we can offer opportunities to law firm partners, former judges, law graduates, paralegals, barristers, parents returning to work and everyone in between. For those who love in-house work, it will be like working in multiple in-house jobs.

What experience, versatility and adaptability can you bring to lexvoco?