We value committed engaged workers and want to provide unique experiences that suit you. We recognise that long hours don't work for everyone. The opportunities we provide allow you to reach your career aspirations, while meeting your lifestyle needs.

Below are some of the key attributes of working with us and our clients.  Also, see What we stand for

1. compensation

You decide how many hours you want to work and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

2. Interesting work

Our model enables our people to immerse themselves in interesting work.  A range of assignments and work ensures variety and over time you'll have option to work with different people, to work in different locations, and to work from our offices.

3. Diversity

Our clients' businesses are so varied that you'll have many opportunities to learn more about the law and business in different environments. 

4. Support

Our partnership with McInnes Wilson Lawyers is unique and rewarding for our team.  It means that we have the smart legal systems, know-how and senior expertise on tap for our team and clients.

5. Flexibility

Tell us what suits you (where, when, part/full time, how etc) and we match that with our clients' requirements.  It won't always work but you have choices and the freedom to decide. 

6. Autonomy

You'll be part of a team or acting as a freelancer depending on what you want.  

7. Opportunity

The kind of opportunities available with lexvoco are short-term, long-term, project-based or permanent. There may also be options to work with McInnes Wilson Lawyers or in our HQ. 

8. Personal growth

One of our missions is to help you be better.  To us, that doesn't mean case law and statutes – there are plenty of ways for you to stay on top of that.  It's teaching you what clients value, need and want, and how you can deliver it better and faster.