Below are some of the key attributes of working with us and our clients.

1. Pay

As far as we know we pay at or above market rate. 

2. Interesting work

Our model enables our people to immerse themselves in interesting work.  A range of assignments and work, in and out of our offices, ensures variety.  You might be surprised about the quality of work that we get to do. 

3. Diversity

What we do and our clients' businesses are so varied that you'll have many opportunities to learn more about the law and business. 

4. Support

We have the smart legal systems, know-how and senior expertise on tap for our team and clients.  Our Principals are all senior in-house lawyers and/or experts in their non-legal functions such as technology design and management consulting. 

5. Flexibility

Tell us what suits you (where, when, how much etc) and we'll do our best to match that with our clients' requirements.  It won't always work but you have choices and the freedom to decide. 

6. Autonomy

You'll be part of our team, our client's team or on your own depending on what you want.  

7. Opportunity

The kind of opportunities available with lexvoco are short-term, long-term, project-based or permanent - on secondment, in our law firm, or in our tech and ANI business units. 

8. Personal growth

One of our missions is to help you be better.  To us, that doesn't mean case law and statutes – there are plenty of ways for you to stay on top of that.  It's teaching our team about commerce, strategy, technology, analysis and improvement.