We design and build award-winning apps, software and solutions to help in-house lawyers succeed

The right tech will make your life easier and give your organisation a competitive advantage. Let our experts guide you on your team’s tech journey.

Using tech to fix poor processes and documents causes far more problems. Tech should be just one part of your solution.

Our tech solutions combine operational analysis and process improvement with effective use of existing or acquired software. Step one of our projects analyses your current systems and tech “readiness”. Often existing systems are underutilised.

If new tech is needed, we help the in-house legal team build the business case. Then our systems engineers and in-house lawyers design, build and implement.



We automate and digitise contracts, documents and workflows



Design and Consulting

We design and advise on various in-house legal operating systems


Our key team members

Claire Vines


Head of Innovation

Claire is widely regarded in the in-house legal community as a legal systems and innovation leader.
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Claire Vines
Lauren Harston

Legal Counsel and Technology Designer

Lauren completed a Juris Doctor at The University of Melbourne in 2016 and was admitted shortly after.
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Lauren Harston
Amanda Fajerman

Senior Legal Counsel and Technology Designer

Amanda has 10+ years of legal and business experience in top tier private practice and in-house.
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Amanda Fajerman
Chris Berry

Software Developer

At lexvoco, Chris oversees software development and implementation of our next generation of legal software products.
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Chris Berry

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