What we automate

What we automate

We simplify, optimise and automate contracts, documents and workflows. Automation is cost effective and reliable, and it lets lawyers do more important and interesting work. We combine in-house legal expertise with process excellence and artificial intelligence.

Contract automation

We can automate any contracts. Commonly automated contracts are commercial buy/sell, property, IP, confidentiality, distribution and financial services including ISDAs etc.

Contract automation technology has been used by firms for decades. As our clients are sophisticated organisations with preferred precedents and business rules, our difference is that we customise designs for each client. Our designs consider all stakeholders and are based on our unique Squabl approach and industry best practice.

Document automation

Similar to contract automation, we design and automate non-contractual documents - eg, contract summaries, advices, approvals and sign-offs.

Automating these documents removes wasted resources, saves time and increases predictability.

Workflow automation

Automating contracts or documents in isolation is sub-optimal because every legal activity is part of an organisational workflow or process. Legal plays one part of many to deliver the organisation’s outcomes.

Examples of workflows that we automate are:

  • Legal team workflow intake, allocation/triage and tracking – internal and external
  • FAQs from internal clients and direction to self-serve and self-help
  • External counsel use, rules of engagement and cost and value tracking
  • Contract lifecycle digitisation - from initiation, to tender, to drafting, to negotiation, to execution, to commercial term extraction, to digital filing
  • Common legal workflows such as marketing review, promotions, statutory compliance, IP management
  • Approval and delegation of authority processes
  • E-signatures & digital approvals (eg, internal contract summaries and approvals, and contracts)
  • E-collaboration, approvals and delegation
  • Document storage
  • Matter management
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