MyDay™ - capture, analyse and report your data like never before

Data capture and analysis software that helps in-house legal teams see and understand their data for continuous improvement


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What is MyDay™?

MyDay™ is a simple to use data recording app that allows you to visualise and analyse your data in minutes. The data is automatically updated, fully customisable and contains beautiful, powerful, interactive charts and graphs that even Finance will envy. Once captured, you can use the data to make better decisions, to prove value and for industry benchmarking.

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Captures data and info about how your team spends their day and to prove how hard they work by quickly answering questions in the app


Simple inputs

Quickly capture 12 standard metrics

AI based form

Complete faster each time based on prior inputs

Any device

Web based & accessible on any device

Matter numbers

Can use existing matter IDs




or want customisation?


  • Annual benchmarking
  • 12 standard metrics captured




  • Up to 3 amended questions & data points
  • Up to 3 amendments in dashboards
  • Quarterly benchmarking




  • Any questions & data points changed
  • Any dashboards changed
  • Monthly benchmarking



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